Do I have to be a nurse or medical professional in order to own a home health/caregiver agency?

No. The owner of the agency does not have to have to be a nurse or medical professional in order to own their own agency.

How long is the licensing process?

Once the application is submitted to the state for licensure, it can take approximately 90 – 120 days to obtain a license. We have found that the licensure can sometimes be sooner.

Is it better to operate under a Sole Proprietor or under a Inc or LLC?

Due to the liabilities that are associated with caring for families in their home and having working caring for families in their home, we suggest operating under a corporate structure such as a Incorporation, LLC or Partnership. There are also tax benefits for operating under a corporate structure. To know the best structure that fits your business model, we suggest you talk with your tax advisor.

What are the different types of agencies can I open?

When deciding what type of business to open, they are 2 types of skill levels. Skilled and Un-Skilled.

Skilled – A skilled agency provides services by a registered nurse such as infusion therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and wound care. Hospice and Home Health are considered to be skilled agencies.

Un-Skilled – A un-skilled agency provides services by caregiver such as bathing, feeding, dressing, lite housekeeping, lite meal preparation, medication reminders, and companion services. Caregiver and Companion services are considered to be un-skilled agencies.

What are the minimum staffing application requirements for each type agency?

Hospice – minimum staff of 2 registered nurses with minimum 2 years of experience being a nurse.

Home Health – minimum staff of 2 registered nurses with minimum 2 years of experience being a nurse.

Caregiver/Companion – minimum staff of 2 persons with experience in care for someone (family member, client, elderly parent..etc).

How will I market my business?

As part of our commitment to your success, we offer training and support in teaching you how to market your business and offer niche services to set your agency apart from other agencies out there. We are the only company that offers 6 months FREE support to help you grow your agency.

Do you provide operating documents for running my business?

All our packages come with all the documents for running your agency. Our policies and procedures have passed state regulations site surveys so you can be confident that you are running a successful operation.

Our package includes:

• Policies and Procedures
• Admission Packets
• Contracts
• Staff Orientation Training
• Infection Control
• Emergency Management
• Quality Assurance Improvement Plan

How do I get paid for my services my agency provides?

We all agree that your in business to help families, but you also want to get paid. Once you obtain your license, your agency can enroll in various insurance companies (Medicaid, Medeicare, BCBSTX, United Health..etc) to get reimbursed for your services. You can also accept private pay from families who do not have insurance coverage.


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